XENA 2015 Fan Convention



The Ultimate Auckland Convention

Xena Event

2015 is the Xena-way and its 20th Anniversary.


Michael Hurst
Sub. work permitting

Sub.work permitting
Paris Jefferson
Sub.work permitting
Darien Takle
Sub.work permitting
Madelaine Sami
Lucy Lawless
Danielle Cormack

As you can see we already contacted several celebrities. Some of them already informed us to be very interested and willing to participate in this celebration. Due to the time frame - 2015 - they cannot confirm yet there appearance. That is very logic. But we all stay in contact with eachother. But we already are appreciating their interest in our effort. And they all do find it a very good idea to have a convention in Auckland, NZ, especially for a celebration.
If you are a visitor of Xena conventions you probably heard some celebrities talking about this convention.

Some of the celebrities have been deleted from our website due to rules of their agents. Therefore if you don't see them here anylonger, it doesn't mean they can't come. It is simply agency rules.


How do we celebrate?

- Two days convention with guests appearing on stage, autograph sessions and photo shoot sessions.
    Date are 21 and 22 November 2015

- On the third day you can join a guided tour of the most well known film locations.
   Date 23 November 2015 starting, and extendable.

For this outdoor event, please note that the local venue can handle only 100 people a day. This is for security reasons. So the first 100 bookings will go on 23rd November 2015 (the 3rd day of the convention).
The second group of 100 will go on 24th November 2015, the 3rd group will go on 25th November 2015.

Each group will be split into 2 groups (each 50 people). While the 1st group visits the inland film locations, the other group will visit the film locations on the sea side.

After lunch we change so everybody will be able to visit them all.

If you have problems with this due to travel reservations, please book as soon as possible your tickets and contact us. We are always happy to help out and do our utmost to assist you.

ATTENTION : If you are using a wheel chair, crutches or have a reduced mobility please contact us. The country is very rural and not always accessible for wheel chairs. But we will take care of you so you can visit everything as well.

Maybe you will be able to swim there where Xena swam and took a dive to Tartarus.!

Be a warrior and maybe do a chariot race on the beach.


The venue where the 2-days indoor convention will take place is :

Sky City Convention center
88 Federal Street, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
Tel : +64 9 363 6070

The venue where the outdoor event will take place is :

Bethells Beach Cottages
267 Bethells Beach Road
Bethells Beach 0781, Auckland, New Zealand
Tel : +64 9 810 9581

Ticket Prices

Yep, very important! We know! It all depends on what our guests will ask for their appearances. As we support some charities, we hope they will be gentle with us. (Please!!!!)

The ticket system is under construction and will be online very soon. Stay tuned!!!


If our guests join us, you will get a very special moment, on a very special place, with special people.
So bare with us, cross your fingers, say a prayer, do a lucky dance, do whatever magic you feel is right.
A dream can be achieved if we all put our minds to it! (Oops, that sounds familiar!)


You know how intens a convention can be. You can't have helping hands enough. All help is welcome. So if you are an experienced convention assistant and you want to be a volunteer, please don't hesitate to come forward. You can use a special form to let us know.


We need minimum 300 people to make it work. So tell you friends, family, your neighbours, your colleagues at work, your fellows at the sports club, your dancing partner(s), your boss (why not!), the waitress in the bar or restaurant, the cashier, the bank employee, ......
Yell it out to everybody around you. We need you all, dear friends.

Your Film-Events team.

Disclaimer : Film Events presents 2015 20th Xena Anniversary Auckland Aotaroa fan convention which is an unofficial fan event. Film-Events and their event organisers are not affiliated with Universal Pictures, Universal Studios Home Entertainment or NBCUniversal Media LLC. Film Events and their event organisers claim no relationship with, or endorsement by, Universal Pictures, Universal Studios Home Entertainment or NBCUniversal Media LLC, Universal TV LLC, the subsidiary of NBCUniversal that is registered owner of the US trademark Xena Warrior Princes (US76381462). Film Events also claims no ownership of any materials or intellectual property belonging to Universal Pictures, Universal Studios Home Entertainment or NBCUniversal Media LLC, Universal TV LLC, the subsidiary of NBCUniversal that is registered owner of the US trademark Xena Warrior Princes (US76381462).

All dates and events are considered tentative and subject to change.