Standard Event

All convention events do have almost the same schedule. But we want to give a small overview to show you how we organise it.

The evening before the start of the convention there might be a pre-registration evening, depending on the venue and subject to security rules.


Here is the basic schedule on which we organise our convention. This might change depending on the work schedule of the celebrities.

08-10 am Workshop - You may attend a workshop prior registration for the convention as long as you have already paid for the workshop. You can register later in the day after the workshop is over. Some workshop are also open to all public.
09.00 am - Doors open and Start Registration
10.15 am - Photo ops (depending on the celebrity and her/his work schedule)
11.00 am - Opening Convention and Welcome
11.00 am - 02.00 pm On stage talk of the celebrities - Q&A - photo ops.
02.00 pm - Lunch Intermission
02.40 pm - 06.00 pm On Stage talk of the celebrities - Q&A - photo ops.
07.00 pm - Autograph sessions

Registration is obligatory to get your credentials. Anyone failing to register and not having his/her credentials will get no entry to the auditorium. Credentials must be carried at all time and shown upon request of the convention staff.


Many celebrities sign autographs at convention as a special bonus. Although they try to accomodate all fans, their schedule may not allow them the ability to sign for everyone. Unless otherwise announced, they will sign for as many as possible. To help facilitate things we would like to share some ground rules that need to be followed at autograph sessions.

- Personalisations are at the discretion of the celebrities and sometimes are dictated by flights and schedules. The longer a guest takes to sign his or her name for one attendee decreases the chance of another attendee receiving an autograph. Please be courteous to your fellow attendee and fan and move quickly along.
- Attendees who purchased the most expensive seating tickets paid extra fro certain privileges. One of them is to have the ability to be at the front of any and all autograph lines when autographing is done row by row.
- The most expensive seating tickets may sometimes also include some autographs with the celebrities at the convention. If this is the case it will be mentioned on the event page.
- Sometimes there is an additional fee for autograph signing. This depends on the celebrity. If this is the case the event page will mention this.
- There is a small amount of celebrities that will sign no autographs. If this is the case this will be mentioned on the event page.
- We do not guarantee an autograph for everybody. Many factors affect a celebrity's ability to sign autographs such as : his/her work schedule, pre-arranged travel or simply exhaustion. There are celebrities who will signnon-stop for hours to ensure that no-one goes home empty-handed. This is an exception and not the rule. Although no-one but you can fully appreciate the disappointment felt after a long wait, we ask you to be gracious and understanding if a guest has to leave before you've had the chance to ask for an autograph.
- And as already specified on this site you need a convention entry ticket to get your autograph. If you have no convention entry ticket, but only an autograph ticket this last one becomes automatically invalid, unless you buy your entry ticket prior to get your autograph. There will be no-refund of invalid tickets.


We try to offer different ways to enjoy our convention. In case we can offer you different kinds of tickets that will be mentioned and specified on the event page. Tickets for all convention days will have a specific reserved seat. Eventual day tickets have non-reserved seats. All seats are pre-assigned based on the level of ticket you have bought and the date of purchase. Therefore, the sooner you buy, the better the seats you will have!

Photo ops.

As already mentioned on this site you need to have a convention entry ticket for the convention to get your photo taken with your celebrity. If you have no convention entry ticket but only a photo op ticket this last one will become automatically invalid, unless you purchase a convention entry ticket prior to get your photo op with the celebrity. There will be no refund of invalid tickets.

We want to make it clear that the purchase of a celebrity photo op gives you a color photo of yourself with the celebrity. To avoid that any attendee or celebrity being upset we like to point out that you are not buying a "conversation" with the celebrity. We need to keep the line moving in order to allow the celebrity to do their on-stage presentations and sign autographs, generally all in the same day and to avoid they have to rush. Celebrities often need to catch a plane or forfill other engagements and we all need to respect that. This is a relaxed event and we need to keep it that way. A photo ops takes about 10 to 15 seconds.

Photo op tickets are not included in any convention ticket and must be purchased separately. They can be pre-purchase online or at the convention. We advise to purchase them as soon as possible online to avoid dissappointment when they are sold-out at the convention. Sometimes the price will be slightyly higher when you buy them at the convention than the price in advance.

We encourange attendees to buy as many tickets as they want. We only can give you one photo per ticket. Multiple photos per ticket are not possible. If you want more then 1 photo with the celebrity you will need to buy a ticket per photo.

There is a limit of 2 attendees with the celebrity in a picture.

Each ticket gives you 1 photo with the celebrity, no matter how many fans are in the pictures. This means that if you and your partner want to be together in the picture with the celebrity you only need to buy 1 ticket. If you want both to be single with the celebrity in the picture you need to buy 2 tickets.

How and when tickets are sent to you can be found under the legal page.

In case you ordered a photo op ticket and didn't get your ticket we advise to make sure your credit card was charged for this. Maybe your order didn't go through. If your credit card was charged, a copy of this listing on your statement is always the best proof of purchase to bring to the convention. Also please check your spam file. If in any case you did not receive your ticket and your credit card was charged, please print your credit card statement and bring it with you to the registration or photo op session.

You can pick up your photo at the end of the day or early the next day. At the photo op room the readiness time will be announced. If your photos were taken on the last day and are not scheduled to be delivered back before you leave, we will ask you to provide us your full name and address and we will mail time to you.
Depending the work schedule of our photographer the jpeg files might be available aswell against a small additional fee. This fee will be announced at the photo op room. In case this is applicable please bring a usb drive where the jpeg can be transferred onto. In case there is no time left to provide you the jpeg file you will be asked to pay for the number of jpeg and leave your email address. The jpeg will be mailed to you afterwards. Please provide a correct email address and be sure your mailbox can receive high resolution pictures.

Due to security considerations no gifts can be given to celebrities at the photo op sessions. But as already mentioned on this site, gifts can be given at autograph sessions after approval of a staff member. Please note that guests who travel by plane are unable to take gifts home with them. It is common in this business world that some guests do not take the gifts with them, nor do they ask to send them to them. This is just a fact in the celebrity world that we want to inform you about as we know how much time and effort goes into gift-giving by fans to their favorite celebrities.

The schedule of the photo ops will be posted on the event page or at the convention itself. The photo op schedule depends on the schedule of the celebrities and might be known only at the last moment, which makes it to late to put onto the event page.

Sometimes photo ops take place when other activities are taking place at the convention. So please do not miss your place. Photo ops move quickly and we ask, unless otherwise notified, to show up 5 minutes prior to the photo op schedule time.

Photo op are not called row by row. You just get in line and wait for your turn.

YOUR MOMENT : A photo with your favorite celebrity is Your-once-in-a-life-time moment, a photo to save for years. So think about what you should wear. Tip : white does not photograph well.

Overall we provide high professional photos. In case it should happen that your photo is blurred (that usually happens because of movement during the shoot) we will offer a refund or credit. We do ask you to remain still during your photo op with your celebrity.

End of the event.

At the end of each day and also at the last day we ask you to leave the convention after you received your last autograph or collected your last photograph. For security reasons we ask you not to keep hanging around.


The event organisers are not responsable for typographical errors or inaccurate information provided by the convention venue. All dates, venues and guests are considered tentative and subject to change. Check regulary the website. All tickets are subject to processing fees. No audio or videotaping allowed at the convention. Still photography is for personal use only - public dissemination and commercial use strictly prohibited.

Disclaimer : Film Events International Limited presents 2015 20th Xena Anniversary Auckland Aotaroa which is an unofficial fan event. Film Events International Limited and their event organisers are not affiliated with Universal Pictures, Universal Studios Home Entertainment or NBCUniversal Media LLC. Film Events International Limited and their event organisers claim no relationship with, or endorsement by, Universal Pictures, Universal Studios Home Entertainment or NBCUniversal Media LLC, Universal TV LLC, the subsidiary of NBCUniversal that is registered owner of the US trademark Xena Warrior Princes (US76381462). Film Events International Limited also claims no ownership of any materials or intellectual property belonging to Universal Pictures, Universal Studios Home Entertainment or NBCUniversal Media LLC, Universal TV LLC, the subsidiary of NBCUniversal that is registered owner of the US trademark Xena Warrior Princes (US76381462).

All dates and events are considered tentative and subject to change.